The Wrangled Sloth (EP)

by Slothwrangler

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released August 1, 2014

Ross Neuman (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Miguel Guerrero (vocals)
Chandler Holloway (producer)


all rights reserved



Slothwrangler Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Fall Nostalgia
Fall nostalgia on my mind. Summer lost my track of time. Now, all I’ve got is honey on my mind.

Now, I’ve been burned maybe once or twice, But I’ll be damned if it don’t sound nice ‘Cause all I’ve got it is fire in my eyes.

Fall nostalgia follows me. Fall for you till Spring.

Let them fall, Twirling toward the ground. Let my soul Tumble and twist around. ‘Til your fingers Find mine safe And sound.

Children play In the light of day. They can’t see We’ll fly away. Where we’ll be, I can’t say. Just follow me Into the fray. If you leave, I won’t stay, So would you please Hold my feet At bay?

Smoking cinders left me bare. Softer fingers pull my hair, But I’ll return with one more burning flare.

Thorns have gnawed my clothes to threads. Wishful thinking’s left me dead While the flower’s rotting on my bed.
Track Name: This Broken Home
In this house in the evening, Lights are all unplugged. In a vigil of candles, Walls are walked in hugs.

Sink is stopped up and dripping. There are holes in the stairs. Chipped paint in the corner, Golden frames hang scrubbed bare.

A dog sleeps in the hallway, Eyes race behind lids. His whiskers are twitching With secret scents left un-hid.

There are guns in the ceiling, There’s a wreath on the door. Taste the dust on the bookshelves, Pluck the plates from the floor.

From the blood on the carpet Where we drained out the lies. Staring long at the dry wall Where a black glacier cries.

In the bright day we sang loud, Drummed our hands on the dash. Stomped our feet, smashed the gear box, Paid our tickets in cash.

Then the gears ground in parking, Our tanks burnt to a hide. Threw our fears in the backseat, Left the doors open wide.

And if you’re gone ‘til the morning, We won’t light up the stove. We will wait in the kitchen ‘Til we ain’t breathing alone.

Balcony ledge creaking, As the piss drips dry. Through the silence of screaming, Beg and pray I won’t fly.

There’s a cut I’ve been saving When my eyes stare me down. Tangled tubes, mangled shaving, Boiling rivers can drown.

The forest is burning now. The dawn never speeds, But the car’s ready, waiting For the sow and the seeds.

So we break at the impulse, Move only in midnight. If we squint in the darkness, Those old flames remain bright.

Take my hand in the driveway. Take your foot off the gas. Break the door off the hinges. Wake my head from my ass.

Tell me I have been sleeping. Say we’ve come to depart. At the top of the mountain, Jump from cliffs into hearts.

We will open the windows, Wipe clean the mirage. Hold our breaths in the moonlight, And lock up the garage.

We will block up the gas lines. Mix some gin with Draino. We will dance on the rooftop As the lawn burns below.

Fill these tanks to the full line, Step away from the end. Replace the old frames without memories of the dead.

In this broken home brimming With the shards of sharp souls. Through the day’s night we’re swimming, Though the water’s too cold.

Break these doors ‘Til they bleed. Burn the trunk Of this tree.

When I go Don’t forget Where I’m from. I’ll be back.

Welcome moon, welcome midnight, Welcome sky, welcome sun.
Welcome death with a smile. Welcome life with a gun.

Pull the trigger, I’m burning. Pull the plug from the wall. Pull the rug out from under. Pull the punches and fall.

This house is a home, now, Filled with ashes and earth. From the cracks in foundation We will build what we’re worth.
Track Name: Your Sudden Chemistry
Looking through your eyes, I see the ocean crying. Look into your closet, skeletons are smiling. Look into their eyes and realize your mistakes. Look in through the dark glass, see the past you forgave.

And though we may dance through the morning tide, We’ll try sublime and liquefy. And though we may drive on to the sunrise, They gave us maps, they gave us time. And though the wind from the mountain came down, It blows through me and onto you.

Like the dopamine lifting through my brain. Like the battered sea sifting through the rain. I can see you call the sun. I can hear you wake no one.

Yours, the subtle glow knocking at my door. Yours, the frequency of bringing flame to war. Can you hear me on the peak? Can you see me fall and speak?

You’re the gushing blood rushing from my head. You’re the chemistry of acid-laden lead. Lend an ear, dear, bend and hear, Send my love another year.

Suddenly, you’re leaving me Addicted as I am. To your sudden chemistry, Your substance to be dammed.

And the next time you see me I’ll be crawling on the shore, On bloody knuckles, Begging water, begging more.

Take the last swig from your flask, Let the letters burn. Take your wig and take your mask. Throw my ashes from the urn.

Finally, you’ve set me free, I’ll drink another well From the spring of clarity, I’ll carry it from hell.

It’s the medicine melting you to bone. It’s the gentle kiss calling you back home. It’s the yearning spark burning in your eyes. It’s the oxygen siphoned from surprise.

I am the rising hair flaring up your spine. I am the beckoning reckoning your time. I am the quiet crow growing in your ear. I am the warming hope swarming you from fear.

All your breaths can burn. Yes, this son has learned. I’m the one who will turn Away from you now!
Track Name: Andrew Jackson Ho!
Some think we’re going down, well, I say we’re moving on up. Last time that I went down, I Brought back Lousiana!

How much land do I want? Well, How much them Redskins got? You say Congress put a censorship call? Well, I say, I’ll take ‘em all!

Come all takers. Get your tax on. Meet your maker, Andrew Jackson.

This Union can’t be nullified, And that’s how Calhoun really died, Not cancer.

I have no regrets except for one: Not shooting Henry Clay with a gun In a duel.

So, tear down all your banks. There’s no need to give thanks. Just a soldier breaking ranks, And I won’t accept your cash ’cause they might as well be blanks!

Bet that Era doesn’t Feel so Good When the White House is as red as blood On my hands.

I’m Andrew Jackson Seminole, I’ll take your lands and put a hole In your head.

So take your Trail of Tears, And hide away your fears. Your General-Father’s here, And I’m never gonna leave until eight years!
Track Name: What You Leave Behind
Fire’s in the ocean. Something’s caught the wind. Flying through devotions. God don’t tell me when These old bones will bend.

The Devil’s got my throat, I’m clawing at his eyes. When everything I wrote Is falling into lies, Please don’t forget me. Life’s not for regretting.

But if I knew How to Love you I’d do it all again.

If you’d let me Go free You’ll see I’ll be myself again.

I’m going this alone. Fighting my last breath. These words that I don’t know Will be my second death. With or without you, I’ll speak the truth.

And through the hardest part, It’s not The start of something else.

It’s the ending Sending Mendings When things go to hell.

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