The Unacknowledged You (EP)

by Slothwrangler

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released July 1, 2015

Cover Art: Evan Roche
Sound Engineer: Sacha Müller
Special thanks to Clackamas Community College


all rights reserved



Slothwrangler Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Terminal
Rising above these clouds I’ve given up on loving you. It’s not enough to tell you that I’m sorry but it’s true.

I’m trying, I’m prying, I’m lying awake, waiting, Crying in front of my own face, and I am Facing off, Facing in, Face myself, but I won’t win. It’s killing you to see me this way, but I’ll stay here.

But if you held me On your storied shoulders, Then I’d believe Those lies that you told her, And I would see you Conquering boulders That I am struggling beneath That summer you learned to breathe.

But time moves slow. Maybe we’ll give it Time moves slow. It’s taken too much Time moves slow. How could you waste my Time moves slow. ‘Cause I can’t take my Time moves slow. There won’t be a next time.

I’m breaking, You’re taking, I’m staking it all on this, Faking it until I am that I am, and I am Shaking off, Shaking still, Shake until you’ve had your fill. It’s killing me just to be this way, but I’ll stay here.
Track Name: Broke Guitar
Your getaway car Won’t take me there. Though your goons Will pull my hair I’ll bite my bullet Anywhere You tell me.

Your stupid grin Can’t break me now. Though the sweat May drench my brow I’ll sink to the bottom Anyhow I get there.

My getaway car’s My only prayer, So your goons Won’t burn my chair. I’ll rise from the bottom To the air. I’ll get there.

A burnt cigar, A rental car, A stack of cards, And a broke’ guitar Is all I need. Good, it’s all you’ll see. ‘Cause it’s all I’ll be, But at least I’m free.
Track Name: Moving Song
I am the lightning rod, and You are the sky screaming my name. You are the bastard breathing, You are the last thing in my way.

Don’t speak too soon, it’s not a test. I want to hear your voice again. Don’t leave this room, I’ll follow you. If only just so I can say:

This is my home now, This is something I’ve created. Find a new bone now, You can’t pick this one’s depleted.

This is what redemption looks like. Even in my daydreams, The fantasies I make won’t look right.

You are the axle grinding, I am the sacrifice in vain. You are the spraying, praying, I am the prey holding my aim.

Hop on, hold tight, I’m letting go, And asking for more. I’m at your door, don’t open up. It’s not what I came here for.

This is the way out, This is the broken finger pointing. Squint in the glare now, This is the gaze you’ve been avoiding.

This is what moving on looks like, No need to have a thing to show it. Trials, tribulations, Journeys, destinations look blind. There’s a moral to this all, I know it.

Lie to me. Lie to you. Lie down.

Come to me. Come to you. Come out.
Track Name: Little Window/Oldest Friend
Come back for me, My little window. I’ll look through you, And find my way home.

Bathe me in light like no other. Bring me inside warm and covered.

Severed and speaking of The truth and the way. Your story is hard to hear, I can’t look away.

Sing me a song I’ve forgotten. Tell me I’m wrong and forgiven.

Why is it always My stupid mistakes? I need you, then, my only friend. I’m afraid, My only friend. Look away.

And I don’t know how Much I’ve changed but I’ll Make it up, make it stick, make the most of this shit.

All the wasted hours Chasing demons out. What’s it worth if just keeps hurting the same?

Oh, my friend, Hold my hand, And don’t let go until it’s the end.

All the wasted cries. All the baseless lies. Could you take me inside? I need to hide.

‘Cause I know that I’ve Fucked this up but I’ll Try again, try to cope, try and hope for the best.

Oldest friend, This won’t end. I need you now like I needed you then.
Track Name: Listen: Don't Leave
Moving up, looking forward. Cringe at the sound of your words. Smile behind all the hurt. I’ve got your blood on my shirt.

How does it feel? These blisters won’t heal. I’m walking still. I’ll whisper until you

Listen: don’t leave. Let’s end this story. It’s never over.

I’ll be right here. You’ll see it’s clear. The road goes ever on.

Restless nights, crying shoulders. Smashing this upturned boulder. My chest is flailed, I’m older. And next time I’ll hold her,

Yet I’m here waiting, I’m clenching my teeth. While you’re debating, Deciding my fate.

Listen: don’t leave. Listen to me. I don’t deserve it. I know

I’ve made mistakes. I’ll do what it takes Just to be worth it.

It’s taken too long to see, But you’ve staked your claim in me. I’m breaking your heart but I’ll come back. We’ll take it piece by piece.

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